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Anake – Singapore’s First End-to-end DNA-based Skincare Experience

You’ve probably heard about DNA tests for health. I personally tried one for my dietary sensitivity, nutritional needs and ancestry composition and was intrigued by the results.

How miraculous is this? Simply by a simple cheek swab, I had so much info at my finger tips!

Needless to say, when the team from Anake and COCO PR approached me and asked if I was game to try Singapore’s first ever end-to-end DNA-based skincare experience, I was up for it!

I visited Anake makeupless and soon I went through the 4 steps.

1. Testing my skin’s DNA.

I did a simple cheek swab and the kind Anake folks, help to send the DNA sample back.

For DNA testing, they tested 15 generic markers and use algorithms to identify genetic factors. My results came back 2 weeks after and here’s some bits of my results of my dna skin!

For example here, I received a bad scoring for my firmness & elasticity. Will definitely have to work on my collagen levels and skincare routine.

At the end of the results, they show the various tailored recommendations. I could consider the various options, if I prefer focusing on skincare or devices or treatments etc. I thought that this was extremely useful as not everyone prefers the same methods. Like for me, I prefer treatments.

2 & 3. Skin analysis

After that, I went through a facial skin imaging analysis with a skincare expert who not only understood my skincare troubles, issues and concerns.

4. Customised treatment planning

After the dna test and skin analysis, the skincare expert customised a treatment plan that I could commence immediately, which I did!

I enjoyed the most divine treatment ever which consisted of a facial and body treatment. Not only that, after I finished the whole treatment, I felt extremely rejuvenated.

Am I sold by the whole process? – Definitely!

Not only did I felt that the whole treatment was customised and personalised for me, I felt that the dna test also helped confirmed certain thoughts I already had about my skin.

The whole session felt tailored for me, which makes it really special in a huge world full of beauty salons selling a one size fits all facial.

I would highly recommend this whole process, from dna skintest to dna skincare to someone who would like an in-depth look into their skin. Aside for that, a great experience for a loved one, cos this is definitely a great and pampering beauty experience.

Thank you Anake and COCO PR for this experience. While I was invited to try this, I was not even obligated to even do an IG post on this, let alone a blog review. But I had enjoyed the experience so much, I knew that I had to share about it.

Take my word for it, you’ll have to try it out!

Just fyi, I underwent these treatments in April, before the heightened alert restrictions.

Anake Flagship Store (Wisma)

435 Orchard Road 
#01-11, Singapore 238877

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday, 11am – 8pm

Contact: +65 9155 2481

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