a tale of cinderella and cindalala…

poor cinderella and her twin sister cindalala has been busy rushing for the important event (the pumpkin festival) that the evurrrrrl stepmother has assigned them.

the stepmother was supposed to be protective of her stepdaughters and protect them from being bullied by other maids.

however, the stepmother has even suggested that her two stepdaughters be given all the work to be done.

the evurrrl stepmother did not even help her stepdaughters. infact she sneered at them when work could not be finished in time and brought her daughters (her real ones) with her shopping at gucci, prada and tiffany.

while cinderella and cindalala rushed against time to try to make everything perfect, the stepmother appeared and blasted cinderella on a bad job done. the stepmother showed her displeasure the whole time. cinderella still maintained a pleasant smile for all to see while cindalala ignored the evurrl stepmother for the whole 24 hours when cinderalla and cindalala were there busy working without any sleep, where the hell was the evurl stepmother? busy getting her beauty sleep more like it.

the event lasted many a nights and cinderalla and cindalala took turns making sure to be there just incase their needed. it was discussed that they would not returned to the pumpkin office and be stationed at the grand glass slippers ballroom in shifts.

however the evurl stepmother was not pleased with this and commanded for cinderalla and cindalala to be stationed at the pumpkin office and after duties, to return to the grand glass slippers ballroom for work. cindalala was not pleased with this arrangement. no one was going to pay pumpkins for the extra hours put in, no one bothered about the twins and the evurl stepmother showed no respect at all nor volunteered any help from her daughters or herself.

at the end of the pumkin festival, cinderella and cindalala were frantically scrubbing the ballroom clean and making sure it was spick and span. the evurl stepmother only sneered at the twins and took all credit for the wonderful job done for the event.

at the end, the twins learnt a very painful lesson.

no one was gonna help them, but themselves.

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