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Ogilvy’s The Open Room Event.

2 weeks ago, a kind gentleman by the nickname of litford invited me for this event called ‘The Open Room‘. Initially I wasn’t very keen on going for the event was supposed to start at 5pm and supposed to end at 7pm. (As yours truly is working, the earliest I could reach the event is 6ish?)

But Brian (that’s his real name!) seduced me with the offer of Red Bull.

How can one say no to that?!?! He’s such a cunning fella!

So I rushed off from work and finally managed to reach the event at late 6ish. (and sweaty like mad after all that running. Pr events that are catered to the bloggers should start after 7pm! Most of us are working. Speaking of which, I’ve just received an invite for another event but it starts in the afternoon! I wanna go but I gotta take leave! Argh!)

I bumped into NTT at the security area and I then became his date (or his +1 to be exact. LOL!)

I reached the event and I received a lil sticker stating my nick and my url which I lost within 5 mins. doh!

One of the first few people I saw was Nic.

He’s always busy fiddling with some gadget or the other. LOL!

Everyone was busy eating and networking, turns out I missed out the talk before that. I then walked around trying to find a familiar face when I bumped into Daryl. Remember Daryl? He was one of the few bloggers that helped plugged me for the Unexpected Australia contest! (Erm, no pic of Daryl cause yours truly totally forgot to take pics with him. *smacks head*)

I then bumped into a few more familiar faces!

Fellow nerdy specs lover, Princessa!

Sweet Jean.

3 of us with the photographer of the day: dk.

A more flattering pic of Dk.

Jean , Sheylara and meh.

After chitchatting and catching up with bloggers, I decided to take a look at the lonely Canon products.

The camcorder is really small! Really tiny!

Nic and me. I was looking at the DSLR. So tempting! I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a DSLR and Tania (from Ogilvy) kindly offered to loan me the DSLR so that I could try it and do a review too! I’m scared that I’ll like the DSLR too much that I’ll be psychoed to purchase it. (Unfortunately yours truly spent a LOT of money on her aussie trip and is super broke.)

Sexy Rinaz who loves the camcorder to bits.

Cute Farinelli. I didn’t manage to chat much with him during the previous LG event. He’s really a very jovial character and it’s so easy to chat with him.

I gotta admit that I did not network much with the other companies but more of the bloggers. I guess I was busy meeting up with some of the bloggers I’ve chatted over twitter/checked out their blog that I lost track of time and by the time I was done, only Nokia was left? Keith was really nice to introduce himself to us, friendly guy! I heard that there was a demonstration early on. Damn!

Thanks once again Brian for the invite! (and the red bull! *winks*)

Ntt (my date) and Daniel from Tech 65.

Thanks Ogilvy for the invite once again! 😉

Shout out to the other bloggers I’ve missed! Apologies! Forgot to take pics with you guys, do comment and leave your urls?

I remember meeting Ridz84 and Plaktoz. Poor Plaktoz. Ostracized because of his lack of a Sony camera. *cough*. And Jerrick, my name aint Nathan!

I followed the techy guys for dinner at BK after that and I had the pleasure of meeting two rather interesting individuals.

Ah beng Aaron!

Funny Michael who showed us some sneak previews! :X

seems like i got a lot of comments about my office attire today. lol. do i look very diff?

It was a rather comfy event to me though I didn’t really get to network much with companies but more of the blogger aspect. Pls hold your events after working hours! I would really like to attend and hear all the talks etc. 🙁

To more blogger events! *cheers*

Thanks Brian and Tania once again!

7 thoughts on “Ogilvy’s The Open Room Event.”

  1. First time seeing you in office wear. You look so fresh and energetic even though it’s the end of the day.

    nadnut: lol! yeah! a lot of people commented on my office wear! seems like i really do look diff in it? i beg to differ on the fresh bit though, i look like an oily kwali in most of the pics! lol!


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