Alright people. Standard procedure. Copy and
post the questions on your bulletin and answer
them. truthfully.


>Temasek Polytechnic

>What u mean? location of school? or home?

>Yeah… working like sh*t and paid peanuts…

have you ever…

wished you were dead?

broken somebody’s heart?

had your heart broken?
>sighz… sadly yes.. sighz…

lied to get what you want?
>LOL… lots of times!

loved somebody so much you’d do anything for him/her?
>not everyting…

seen a movie star?
>does singapore stars count?

felt like killing someone?
>no lah… i dun have murderous tentecies…

lost someone you truly love?
>not lost as in died.. but yes, lost someone i loved b4…

do you watch romantic shows?
>YUP! big fan!

cry a lot?
>when i’m sad…

>nope, i feel ppl who smoke are stupid…


>nope! i wanna be driven!

do you drink and drive?
>nope.. cant when i dun drive…

like anyone right now?

love anyone right now? (and we don’t mean your family members or relatives)

sleep early at night?

what do you feel like doing right now?

wish for every time you see a shooting star?
>yeah! silly aint i?

think of during a kissing scene at the movies?

want in life?
>to be happy!

hate most about yourself?
>hmmmm… lots of stuff, do u tink u have time to read all of it?

like most about yourself?
>lol, my friendliness? lol, or my signature hugz?

who would you…

like to kiss?
>eh? my bf lah!

marry if you had to marry someone right this moment?
>marriage at tis age?!?!!?

want your ex to end up with?
>depends which one u toking abt… if last one, i want him to end up with me! LOL…

favourite colour?
>pink, pink, pink, white, black, pink, pink, blue, pink and PINK!

favourite cocktail?

favourite number?

favourite place to chill out?
>home, zouk, with dear, wiv frens..

ideal date like?
>let’s see.. it starts off with a guy meeting me wiv flowers, red roses for me!, then bringing me to dinner at a very nice nice place, probably movie after tat followed by a nite of clubbing, then a walk at the beach and lastly sending me home, of coz, all expenses paid!!!!

>Carpe diem! Seize de day! Seize every opportunity in life! In life, there is no retake nor re-run!

>vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, durian and mango!

LOL… its ur turn now!

lol, fun! try now! then leave a msg at my chatboard if u do so, then i take a look!

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