a little more time…

she stared at Shawn. he looked as if he was sleeping. all peaceful and serene. and probably having a sweet dream. unfortunately it seemed that the dream was not gonna end anytime soon.

it has been 2 years since Shawn has slipped into a coma. she felt so alone in the world and she felt that whatever hope she had was diminishing rapidly with every day that passes.

her friends told her to move on. to date again. meet someone new. someone to hold her and give her happiness. but whenever she tried to do so, she’ll feel as if she was cheating on him.

perhaps she just needs a little more time. she felt like she has betrayed Shawn by feeling tired of caring for him and waiting for him to wake up. she wondered if she still loved him or was it just an obligation.

she wished he would wake up and hold her in his arms and tell her everything will be alright. where they could continue doing the things they did. perhaps soon they will, perhaps all they need was a little more time.

she felt tired forcing a smile for all to see when all she wanted was to cry alone in the dark. and now with the sudden appearance of Shawn’s bosom friend Aidan, she needed to be strong again.

Aidan was supposed to meet her today at the hospital. she wondered, what was keeping him….

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