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the belated christmas pictures post…

aside from having a romantic christmas with tiger, i spent the day before christmas with my bsc gang (as per every year) and boxing day with my clique…

this year we held the bsc xmas party @ jenny’s place and it was the first time (after 3 years!!!!) that it was not organised by me. phew!

the party started late… and everyone brought and bought food except for a few hardworking peeps.

a few pics of the food…

yummy food!!!

played a few games on jenny’s scene it and i had to leave while the rest trooped down to great world to watch narnia…

pretty lowkeyed… and rather different from usual years… something was missing… was it the gift exchange? was it the atmosphere? was it the people?

dunno… it just wasnt as merry as previous years…

aside from that…. on boxing day, i went for a xmas party @ angie’s place… and lao niang cooked! hah. its very rare to see me cook these days!

my loved ones

plenty of food and majority of us cooked. thats the different between hospitality students and other business students. lol.

we had yummy sausages which was the most popular item of the day from pearl, mingli’s special welcome cocktail, sam’s delish chicken wings, lydia’s thirst quencing fruit cocktail, jack’s turkey and ham, aloysius’s lasagne, my shepherd pie, ash’s funky rootbeer and choc float and other items whom i dunno who cook leh….

forgot what ange cooked.. *paiseh*

was enjoying the food too much that i forgot to take pictures of it till the end… gluttons, we are.


we had a gift exchange and there was a VERY interesting gift from a pweeeety lady to a hunky male. *cough*


and the gift wasnt even from the guy’s gf!!! oooooh! muahahahaa. we were joking that we should model our presents and i received a glare from the said male.. *cough*

peeeks galore!

after the gift exchange, what did we do? with this group of friends, the answer was rather obvious…

we gambled.

lol…. it was great being with you guys. cant wait for CNY party!!! 😉

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