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Rest in peace my friend.

Ching Chong Boy and I went to Batam last week as you probably remembered from my previous post. When we came back, we did our usuals. Check Facebook, Twitter and for me, I blogged.

What we didn’t expected was to see a barrage of messages on a mutual friend’s wall. Condolences were pouring in like mad. Steven had gone for a touring trip with a bunch of bikers, all of which was Ching Chong Boy’s friends. I had met Steven through Ccb, from the numerous rides and outings they had.

He was a funny guy and was someone I could chat to easily. Infact, he was one of my “favourites” in the group. Steven was an experienced rider. He has rode for more than 8 years and wasn’t reckless. He was probably more of a defensive rider I heard.

Ccb and I worried for hours that day. We had thought it was a cruel sick joke by his friends. How is it that the condolences came only from Steven’s outside friends and none of them came from the biker gang, not from those who went nor from those who didn’t.

By 4am the next day, Ccb and I faced the fact and knew it was true. By 4am, there was a total of 44 condolences on his wall. Ccb tried contacting those who went but to no avail.

We went to bed with a heavy heart and hoped to hear from them soon.

The next day, Ccb made some calls and it was true. Steven had gotten into an accident, a freak accident actually and had passed away. We went to his wake that day. I have been teary eyed that day, even crying silently to Jacelyn who listened to me.

When I saw his body (it feels so wrong to say corpse for some reason), I sobbed. He looked as if he was sleeping. But he would never wake up again. He was an only child and had passed away at a young age, he was only 29. An only child to a single mum.

His mum was a very strong woman. She shared his lifestory with us. Perhaps it was her way of coping. I don’t know. I can never imagine the pain she felt. Can’t imagine when one day, she’ll forget that Steven is no longer hereĀ  and probably call out to him to wake up for work and realise he was no longer there.

I couldn’t help but cry again that day. And when Ccb sent me back that night, I cried in his arms. Till now, when I think of this, I would tear again. I can’t help but obsessively check his FB wall. What saddens me was the last message I sent to him was to enjoy the trip and he had replied he will. Why did I not tell him to ride safely?

I hope he rests in peace on the other side. I hope he is much happier. I hope there is an afterlife for it feels so cruel to fade and be gone forever.

After this, I immediately emailed both my mum and Ccb both their contact numbers and my insurance agent’s number. Just incase something happened to me.

Live life to the fullest for you’ll never know when it’ll be your last. Tell the ones you love how much they matter to you and please be safe.

3 thoughts on “Rest in peace my friend.”

  1. I teared a lil’ when I read this.
    It was so abrupt and both of you never expect this to happen at all.
    My condolences goes to Steven.

    He is in a much happier place, right now..


    nadnut Reply:

    Thanks dear…


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