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that thing about jesuafreak’s birthday celebration…

last friday, i had a very very very fun time. i had dinner with some special folks (which will be updated at a later date) followed by 2 rounds of drinking. 1 was with the dinner peeps and the other was with the cowboybarflies.

outfit of the day. black skinny jeans, joop tube and charles and keith wedges. just had a haircut thats why my hair looks uber straight!

roy kindly picked me up at clarke quay and we headed off to zouk for the birthday celebration.

the driver.

imagine our surprise when we saw that the table was full of all kinds of drinks available.



flaming lambos…

shots! i like this one!

champagne, flamings, shots and too many jugs.

roy and i wanted to buy flamings/jugs for jf but there were too many drinks on the table! in the end we bought him tequila shots. lol. and birthday boy says he usually doesnt do tequila shots but for us, he will. awwwww.so the camwhoring starts.

joel babe and me.

i just love her. cute as hell and sexy. grrrr.

must take photo with birthday boy before he gets drunk.

if you were wondering why was i holding a can of red bull.. thats because once i walked to the table, mikey straightaway passed me a can of red bull. lol. fellow red bull addict.

yes, camwhore.

and more.

why do guys always like to carry me and then complain im super heavy afterwards? tmd. dont carry la!

kena carried again. random angmoh dude at the back. kaypoh sia.

pics pics pics.

check out cherylyn’s back. woot. kept disturbing her. lol.

birthday boy then came up to roy and i and asked us to drink a jug of nastyness.

found out it was long island tea after that.

check out our expressions!

nadnut: eeeeck!

while i was tehing and whining my way out of drinking that disgusting mixture, roy decided to be a man and do the right thing. 😛

i SHOULD endose red bull. check out the number of red bull pics. *cough*

drink red bull. it keeps u awake!

fellow R&B and red bull lover.

yes, drink it. its good for u. lol.

cutie young and me.

roy and me again. 🙂

imagine my surprise when i turned and saw a tower of red bull on the table. this was not a posed pic. i was really smiling like a silly fool when i saw the tower.

the holy shrine.

happy nad.

thats all mine!

yes you’ll turn into a bull if you drink too much of red bull. 😛

that’s all mine!

greedy lil nad.

somebody is trying to steal a can of red bull!

the incredible hulk nad! angry liao! who stole my red bull?! (actually i was yelling cause one can of red bull spilt on me)

drinking red bull gives you wings. i lifted joel up!

no. i am not drunk. i just cant aim for nuts. lol.

pics of me and my ‘god brother’. pai naddy kia. lol.

not nice. take again!

i know i just had my hair done. dont need to sniff my hair la. lol. roy (or was it alex?) says it looks like he’s smelling a durian. doh.

a much better shot. 🙂

stupid alex.

stupid alex part 2.

i told him not to lick me le. orbi!

here’s what you should do with drunk birthday boys.

take pics with them! lol.

happy birthday!

had fun and roy kindly sent me home. 🙂 these bunch of guys are madddddd. alcoholics! i think i drank at least 3 cans of red bull that day.

red bulllllll are you listening?! endorse me leh. *cough not shy cough*

6 thoughts on “that thing about jesuafreak’s birthday celebration…”

  1. Hi Nut,

    I’m your avid reader. But one thing I must need to ask as I noticed it for ages! You always posing your side face! Haahaha! Why don’t you take photo with your full face up front eh??



  2. J,

    coz her side looks better and she’s non-confrontational… so if u want to see her full face, get set to be bitten and pinched…


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