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yesterday did a dinner and dance but will update lata… so weird… i didnt eat dinner yesterday as usually when i am coordinating my own event (i.e.: henkel, ncss, centrepoint) i wun eat cept for ncss as i broke fast took a lil bite… usually wun feel hungry… dunno why leh, habbit lah, but i didnt eat yesterday cept for lunch which was at 12 noon till nite… event ended after midnight, then morning when for main comm meeting for OTC camp, i didnt feel hungry too, so didnt eat breakfast nor lunch, went back read book, snooze for an hour and i still dun feel hungry! weird, tis neva happens to me.. really have no desire to eat, cant force myself to eat and totally feel weird. not tired but like no strength… guess no energy.. dunno leh, see later when i go help arme with her d&d whether i’ll feel hungry… man… i havent eaten for 24 hours! scary!


i neva feel like dat b4 cept for when i’m sick, sick oso can force food down…. *puzzled*

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