*bimbo nad*

firstly, hello to timothy’s readers! *waves*. silly timothy (or boss stewie as he likes to be called) blogged about me and asked his readers “how can a blogger like that NOT get on your nerves?”

on the contrary, i think they liked to be “kacau-ed” by me. hehehehe.


i bet you guys (my readers not tim’s. lol) already know how big a clutz and a bimbo i can get. but yesterday has to be one of the stupidest things that has happened to me. >.<

some trivia about nadnut: super MESSY person. clothes, shoes, bags, whatever is lying everywhere.

so… i was picking out an outfit for the weekend and was digging around some stuff. on top of this shelf has all the boxes of shoes… so i was reaching out for one box to see what’s inside…

and the next thing you know… the shoes from the box fell.

you know that slow-mo feeling you get when you see something happening and you just cant stop it?

it happened to me. i was trying to “siam” out of the way but unfortunately i couldnt move. it was as if i was glued to the sight of my shoes falling….

and *bish* one of the wedges hit me on the nose.

yes, on the nose. till today, it hurts. my nose not the shoe you dumbo! and there’s a red mark. bah.

if it was more fatal, it could have been: death by wedges. a true story.

heng, the box containing the stilletoes didnt fall else… jialat le. yes, another bimbo entry by bimbo nadnut. 🙂

i realllly should be working on my reflections paper… but i needed to destress. *excuses*

time to piah! oops. another booboo i made in my previous post.. i actually wrote stimulation instead of simulation. heng tiger alerted me else people would think i’ll be working on my individual stimulation aka masturbating. -_-

IM NOT OK! its a real project! business capstone. check out the stupid website here. students all over the world have the unfortunate luck in completing this module.

ok, time to piah. argh.


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