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Outfit of the day: Baby Blues


Recently went to Sakae Sushi with the ching chong boy.

Outfit of the day!

Light blue halter dress from the blog shop, belt from FEP, white tank from Forever21 and shoes from mondo.

And this soft and pwetty grey bag from the blog shop!

The boy and I decided to try the Spicy theme for this month at Sakae Sushi.

Ordered our fave chawanmushi, tofu, salmon sushi and his spider handroll.

We tried the Spicy Curry Yaki and the Spicy Tai Cheese Roll.

I really didn’t like the yaki. Was just a weird combi for me. Ate one bite and I couldn’t eat anymore but the boy loved it. He polished it off!

I quite liked the Spicy Tai Cheese Roll. Very fushionish! Would have preferred if it was Salmon though!

The satisfied bf in the River Island top I got for him. I think the colour really suits him!

We forgot to take a pic together. Doh!

2 thoughts on “Outfit of the day: Baby Blues”

  1. You two have matching baby blue outfits! Nice!


    nadnut Reply:

    Heh! Not too sure if it was coincidental. I definitely did not plan but I remember mentioning to him casually I was wearing blue… Dunno if he did it on purpose! heh


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