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thank for de encouragement.

anyway time will heal all wounds…

but physically my heart/chest aches. weird.

anyway to cheer myself up… i dyed me hair… haha. new looks. betcha guys are shocked..

got a fone… sold de fone he bought after losing it. deleted all pics and messages and recordings…

anyway, here goes my new hair. dun tell me u hate it… hahaa.. juz be subtle yeah… before and after pic…

and my fone..

in coffee black 😀

new hair. new fone. new me.

still tough. noticed tat ppl are avoiding saying stuff around me… like de 2 As… his name and australia…

oh well… gotta admit, im not so keen to hear anything tat reminds me of him… lol.

target set. 3 months. help me go thru tis. i believe i can. hahha. if can shorter lagi best!

anoying thing though…

tis ahbeng which works at my boss auntie shop (where i bought de fone) illegally copied my number down…

fuck la.

thank god tomorrow my last day. after tomorrow shall not give face to reply him.

there is a forest out there. i already lost my tree. cant i get a betta one?

of all things, a shrub muz go after me.

how much bad luck can i get tis week? sheesh.

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