juz got back from union square…


was interesting… hahaa. looks like ill be hanging out at union square more often…

so far, feeling much betta, aside from one lil incident at work..

was clearing some stuff left over from all de carnival items…

and tat time HE helped out for one of the event and did some art stuff… my boss passed to me the turtle item and said something abt me keeping it since he did it…

total flashback to how we were lugging pails to de event venue… eating lunch together… he forcing me to drink liang teh…. when we went together for the event, he doing the cow for me and all tat nonsense…


aside from tat, nothing else. actually was a good day for me.

enjoyed myself watching salsa. and oogling cute guy. hahhaa. which kenny insists aint cute.


i tink i can do tis =)

gonna go for social night at my dance studio tomorrow.

more interaction. meeting new people. getting new grooves and more eye candy. =D

3rd day after the breakup.

a few heartaches. one flashback. and actually managing to have fun at union square.

thanks to cass, gerie, ariel, kenny, paul and jireh.

though… one incident with de ladies drink caused me and jireh to get a scolding.

bleah. feel like a small kid. no more drinks for u reh!

cant wait for tomolo! shall keep myself occupied these days….

and i hope my week will be much betta! wish me luck for something on tuesday!

if i get it, ill blog it out =D