.nadelicious bento 1.

after stalking bentolunch for ages… i tried making my own bento…

my first bento!

yes, its rather pathetic. but i dont cook at home, only rarely. when im forced to.. bah.

whats in it?

potato salad with bacon bits…

left to right: mixed veggies with herbs, fried wrinkled crabstick and 2 bright and cheery biscuits!

yes i know, its pathetic. :(. must be lack of proper bento boxes. *excuses*. nevermind im learning! anyone who has easy to prepare recipes, please send me! i suck in the kitchen. 🙁



  1. i have one. it goes something like this:
    1. Ensure that you have approximately $7 in your wallet.
    2. Walk to the nearest McDonalds or fast-food stall.
    3. Look at the menu and consider which meal is the healthiest.
    4.Dun choose that. Purchase the fattest, oilest and un-healthiest meal.
    5. Enjoy!
    There you go. my very own “easy-to-prepare-recipe”. 😀


  2. Not bad for the first attempt..If you can make another good one, I will give you a nice bento box for your christmas pressie.. how about that? hmm let me think of some recipes to help you yea..


  3. i always feel that mince meat and tofu is a nice and easy combo to work with. Just dump everything together and fried in some seasoning, chilli and spring onion 🙂

    i always enjoyed bringing lunch boxes to work especially if my mum did the cooking instead..hahaa


  4. Your “bento” box is too big lah…. Makes the content look pathetically little.

    Must have smaller boxes so that the goodies look filled to the brim.

    Crabstick is a blasphemy. It is actually fish with colouring and flavouring to imitate a crab. Tamago slices would have been a nice alternative.

    Bento but no rice? How can?

    Potato looks yummy though.

    Ok lah. For a first attempt, must give encouragement lah.



  5. i think u should buy a nicer bento box , maybe the ones with seperaters to seperate ur food
    i mean u dont want to tast crab meat in ur biscuits do u ? but nice try anywayz ^.^