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as you guys know.. the boy tiger is back..

sometimes, i guess a LDR is good, though we have been together for well, quite some time to me, it seems like the honeymoon period again now that he’s back. goofing around, tickling each other, hugging while walking, just poking fun at each other, feels so sweet. 🙂
we spent some time with our favourite couples: ben+jen, colin+rach and the fatty ass who didnt bring his pinky gf to pitstopcafe.

we tried a new game today called gift trap. fun! i want to buy! but its too pricey. boo.

after a while, as most of us were feeling tired, some of us parted ways and the rest of us trotted down to raffles city for our dinner.

good dinner, courtesy of thebeanmaster. muahahahaa. he had lost a bet with me and i used the money to treat jen+ben, tiger+me and thebeanmaster.


btw, thanks jen for the lovely present! the sweetie had given me dkny be delicious for my bdae prezzie. woooot! 🙂

rather simple day and i had to end it quick as i had to head back to study… but.. it turns out that there’s some karaoke nonsense opposite my block and its freaking noisy!!!! i cant even hear my tv even when i have blasted it to the loudest volume!!

🙁 oh well. maybe i should just turn in early…

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