im an emotional wreck today…

a horrible emo-rollercoaster.

btw. remember my hard disk died? i sent for repairs and managed to extract some info. for de cost of $140.

as i had to send my com for repairs. de ppl as a favour decided to store my stuff on their com till my com is back.

now, i got news that they kena a virus and all info got wiped. including mine.
needless to say. i would want some compensation.

they are onlie willing to give 50% back. which means 70 bucks.

to me, thats BULLSHIT. i argued with de fella.

de thing is. i got 2 choices. i can take de 70 bucks or go to CASE.

i took de 70 bucks.

bloody Mango Systems!

i curse they lose all info and all business and be bankrupt!

thats why i was so pissed today…

anyway been having reallie bad backaches. grrrr. i feel old. time to buy calcium tablets.

*anyway, do u guys believe in long distance relationships? gimme ur take. comment here please!*

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