Pictures Yours truly...
pics from me nokia 7200

first up… de stairs i take to work everyday… 4 stories eh! i betta lose weight!

me @ work… see how hardworking i look!

now let me show u my ‘baby boy’ who has a split personality…

doesnt he look so innocent and cute?

look @ him now. fierce grouch! he reminds me of garfield! typical grouch.

i tink someone UP there is showing me a sign.

coz i seem to see edible stuff that are in heart shapes!

me jellybean (poiful) that is in a heart shape!

look! 2 of them. wat should i do wiv them?

kekekeke. a smile!

next up. today me and my new colleague (we are both new) went for lunch wiv my boss. we ate @ tis japanese cum western restaurant @ bugis. reallie nice!

look wat shape our bread came in! woot. at first i tot they baked it in tis shape. then emily told me, they cut de french loaf in a slanted way and cut it in de middle and split it.

*DOH* (homer simpson doh!)

i feel so bimbotic…

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