Friends Pictures
pics from halloween b4 stacie murders me..

anyway, i was dressed as an ‘angel’ since last year i went as a devil.

boo. but ppl tot i was a butterfly or a fairy.

dun care! considering i onlie ensembled my outfit in 20 minutes. bleah. *sticks tongue out*

here, de pics come…

de place tat we went…

de angel, de ancient woman and sponge bob square pants and wats-his-name!

me, pearl and stacie! look! blatant advertising of my new fone! 😛

kok pulled my wings!

ooh fine. now everyone playing wiv my wings. !!!!!!

stacie and pearl..

stace and me. check out my fat cheeks! i have gained weight!

alvin chong and me!

last but not least! me again!

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