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the new yr mahjong match…

we’re playing mahjong right now. 2 rounds and counting.. and playing with thebeanmaster’s macbook iphoto function. check out my fave t-shirt.

lol! one more round to go… wheeeeee! and yes, i look like shit w/o any makeup. bah

more fun pics!

oooh. i have big eyes and a small nose!

monkeys attack the macbook!

thebeanmaster turns into a hamster and nadnut is still a monkey.

*cough* thats thebeanmaster/shen/shem/fatass’s shlong.

uglified us.

check out my funky hair!

sausage lips nad.

hahaha i like this pic!

and my head disappears..

thebeanmaster looks confused.

alien jen + nad

cyclops shemmy boy.

shen’s fingers looks like a nose! dont i look creepy in the background?

warped nadnut… ive been sucked into the blackhole!

shen is the next victim!

i wonder why thebeanmaster is frowning away..

group pic!

thebeanmaster with my hairclip. lol

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