such a surprise. firstly, i got de cca merit award. gotta take leave to attend de ceremony. 🙁

secondly, i bumped into huda! lol. i neva met any ‘net frens’ b4… lol..
she’s juz as i imagined. so sweet! =)

anyway, i have been behaving like a tai tai these days.
go to work, take cab. meet clients take cab. go back office, take cab. go home, take cab.

wah laoz. ex man! $$$$$
lunch go to pickles restaurant @ rendezvous hotel and today went to mr bean’s cafe.

alamak. no wonder i spent $400 within 2 weeks. god.
no more cabs and good food. pay coming on tuesday. gotta save!!!!

anyway, mum in kl. stucked at home with dad. sheesh.

juz quarrelled with him.

oh. i hate him so much.

i wanna move out.

and to those who dunno. i hate my dad since young. i got my reasons. so dun start preaching to me on how he is my dad, i shouldnt hate him or wat shit.

coz if ur gonna.

juz fuck off.

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