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sniff sniff!

have bad sore throat and flu ever since i kena dumped into de swimming pool… went to school today and had lunch with some peeps like eddie, joanne, sean, ting ting (!!!!), andrew (brother fracture), vincent (hoola gurl), loy, siwei, mira and aya…

slacked in school then ate some pills for my cold and fell into slumber… damn drowsy man… met Mr Elliott Charles William Danker for dinner with Mira, Aya, Lester, Jo, Siwei, Jenny & Nixon. makan-ed @ Kenny Rogers but had low appetite as not feeling well so really ate a little. wasted a lot of food man…

then went off to e-zone to play air hockey and daytona. i suck @ daytona man! grrr… walked walked a bit. wanted to do de express manicure for onlie 10 bucks! but appointments full… oh well….

walked around tm and guess wat? LEVIS IS HAVING 50% SALE! … grr.. wasted im broke..

got home late and missed friends.. 🙁



Air hockey match between gurls last week! (on my date with ting!)

cuckoo pics taken @ kenny rogers… if u are wondering wats up with de last pic, its coz i kept asking de guys to open their eyes bigger… thus de pic! 😀

air hockey round 1 : siwei & aya versus elliott & mira! winners…. *drum rolls*…


round 2 airhockey : nad & siwei versus aya & elliott…

de winners are….


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