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2 months to our solemnisation!

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It’s 2 months to our big day! Decided to share some updates on what’s going on ๐Ÿ˜‰

Venue: We’ve fixed on Singapore Flyer! Booked their Premium Solemnisation Package and met up with their florist last week. Hopefully everything will turned out as planned!

Makan: Aside from food that is catered in the package, we have ordered a dinner buffet spread in O’Learys. Now considering if we should have it indoor or outdoor.

– Guestlist: Fixed. Mainly family and very very very very close friends!

– Save the dates: Sent out 3 months prior to our solemnisation! All friends and family received the above pic!

– Engagement shoot: I engaged my colleague and his friend for a whole day shoot. The Save The Date pic above is courtesy of them. If you are looking for Engagement shoots, you can consider using Tritonia Photography. I’ll share more pics after my ROM. Must show the guests first! Heh!

Colour theme:

We decided to save the UP theme (tentatively la, may change theme) for our AD in 2014. Decided to have a more simple theme as our Solemnisation will only have 30 people max! Mainly family and close friends ๐Ÿ™‚ I had thought of a tiffany blue colour theme at first but decided to mix in pink since my rom dress will have a pink bow on it. After discussing with the florist, we agreed to add in lilac too!

Wedding decorations: The florist (Denis Flower Shop) will be decorating the capsule. In addition, ShopMerryLove will be sponsoring 40 poms. Am deliberating if I should hang it in the capsule or at the dinner venue.

Wedding favours: Included in the Singapore Flyer package

– Wedding invites: Included in the Singapore Flyer package. Going to print them soon!

Candy Buffet: Decided to do away with this as I think the dinner buffet and the canapes in the capsule will be sufficient

JP: Huge headache. Practically the majority of the JPs we approached are not available. Currently one JP, Mr Koh mentioned to meet up end September. Until the form is signed, I can’t consider this as ticked off.

– Wedding guestbook: We were looking at customising one. I’m also deliberating about paintingย  something.ย  Hmmm. If anyone has seen any interesting ones, let me know!

-Hair and makeup: One of my kind readers, a makeup artist Cindy has volunteered to sponsor my hair and makeup! <3 SO MUCH LOVE! Will be meeting her in October for my trial! *excited*

– Wedding bands: We made full use of the Wedding bands sale last month and purchased our wedding bands at a huge steal. I got a simple half solitare while he got a simple band ๐Ÿ™‚

– Outfits: Thinking of using my dress in the picture above. Just need to tailor it tighter. Looking at dressing him in suspenders and bowtie. I asked him to wear shorts but he’s not sure about it. :p

– ROM Photographer: Nothing firmed as of today. Gotten a few quotes and met up with a few but haven’t decided.

– ROM Videographer: Met up with a few prospective sponsors and I’m really excited to see where it goes! Hopefully we can firm up soon!

Wedding preparation course: Been toying with the idea of going for the course. Is it really recommended?

Honeymoon: Settling our leave first ๐Ÿ™ Still thinking about a beach destination but also considering Japan, Korea, Hongkong, Las Vegas and New York.

Hope to be able to get some recommendations as it will really help our research! Also, if any wedding sponsors are keen, weโ€™ll be extremely glad! Feel free to contact me if youโ€™re keen! :D

Thanks everyone for your recommendations!! <3


12 thoughts on “2 months to our solemnisation!”

  1. Was the UP theme inspired by Aud and Tim’s wedding?


    nadnut Reply:

    No it wasn’t. Actually Ccb and I were inspired by my ex-colleague Michelle’s engagement shoot with Oh Dear Photograpy in 2010? Way before we got engaged.. We had wanted to do a couple shoot together using that theme but never got around doing so.

    Then 2011 I got engaged and we thought it would be such a cute theme to use for our wedding dinner.

    Regardless of who thought of UP theme first, (be it Aud and Tim or Michelle and Mike or the thousands of couples who used that theme ages ago) I think it’s such a cute theme that everyone should use. Full of colours, love and a great story, it’s such a touching cartoon that still brings me to tears when I watch it. ๐Ÿ™‚


    Jacelyn Reply:

    Wish I can “Like” this reply.


  2. Go for the Marriage Prep Course!

    Engaged couples often spend lots of time and money preparing for their wedding which lasts a day.. It’s wise to invest in preparing for your marriage which takes a lifetime! =)

    Have fun preparing! =)


  3. Go for the Marriage Prep Course!nnEngaged couples often spend lots of time and money preparing for their wedding which lasts a day.. It’s wise to invest in preparing for your marriage which takes a lifetime! =)nnHave fun preparing! =)


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