Yours truly...

lol! i never found out how girlish i was till….

i stepped into a costume place. LOL!

tried on this outfit, that outfit and pestering the guy from the shop for outfits. i felt like a barbie doll. trying different kinds of looks… lol.

perhaps there is a much girlier side to me after all. and im going back for more try-outs and to bug the poor sales boy to get more clothes for me…

i felt sooooo shu-nu in a certain dress! lol. perhaps i shall wear it after all…

anyway, went to salsa class, and saw a classmate of mine wearing a certain shirt..

the first thing i thought of when i saw the shirt was…

a lady with the legs in the air.


tmd. everyone including the salsa instructor laughed at me.

so far, everyone thinks they see arabic words, snakes and what nots and only me (or so, it seems) saw a lady in a rather suggestive pose.


so, to everyone in salsa class, they think i have a rather dirty mind. grrr. like those inkblot tests. grrr.

what do you see?

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