Vainpotty nadnut strikes again.

I recently bought this!

Will be posting pics of some eyeshadow looks I’ve tried so far… but not so soon! Am rushing lots of deadlines for school (ECK! Sales force automation. ECK!) and am feeling oh-so-stressed.

Updates soon:

– Intel launch
– Sony launch
– Samsung launch
– Unexpected Australia day 8, 9 and 10.
– Other gatherings etc
– Ranting about ex-boss
– Probably some bimbotic or camwhoring post

Not so soon k? Let me piah the dreaded Sales Force Automation Essay first. (but after tat there is the Strategic Marketing project.. *gulps*)

How the heck did I juggle this with work last time?!

12 thoughts on “Vainpotty nadnut strikes again.”

  1. rainbow & miaow: I got it at $26 online from spreehouse! you can check out coastalscents.com. loads more! if you do get it, do share your looks!

    akk: LOL! my thighs!

    nUr: why didn’t you try the other colours?!


  2. i’ve seen this online too! but didn’t think i might use that many colours so i didn’t get it. but the colours are VERY pretty. so tempted again!


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