Playing with PhotoShop!

I was bored one day and I decided to play with PhotoShop. Hurhurhur. And here it goes….

The before picture.

I quite like the picture because I feel that I look goofy and happy. Only thing I don’t like is that I look quite chubby cheeks here.

Liquify to the rescue! I love my nose here!

Want darker eyeshadow? Heh. Ok I don’t really like the darker eyeshadow effect.

I’m fairer now!

And now I have a better tan!

Is this considered as Manga eyes? I tried making the eyes bigger but it turned out like the below….

Muahahahaa alien eyes!

And the final result?

Less chubby nadnut, smaller nose and bigger eyes. I don’t think it’s a good job done but heck it, I was playing with it for fun. I can’t be bothered to do this for all of my pics. 😛

LOL. I think it’s time to stop snacking so much and no more suppers! Alrighty! I shall try liquify on my flabby arms and legs next time! :X

12 thoughts on “Playing with PhotoShop!”

  1. Babe, i like the before edited version as well.. it’s just you , dun need to photoshop la you look good enough..*perhaps jus photoshop away the pimple….LOL


  2. JayPa: 🙁 Bahhhhh. only one pimple!!!!

    Leonard: No lah!!

    Rachel: Mi Xue? Heh. Thanks babe!

    Clicktokill: Maybe I liquified it too much. Oops!

    Colin: LOL! I know! Damn funny lah. :X

    Precious: Thanks dear!

    Ginl: awwwwww. *feels all fuzzy inside*

    valerie: damn! If i lose weight, then you won’t like me as much as now? *mock cry*

    skim: You do?! where? face? body?


  3. eh………doesn’t look like you……..time for another meet-up! i must have forgotten ur face. oh and i like before pic better. the after look a bit alien….


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