reminder to self: bikinis are for tanning purposes only.

last friday, i pigged out at pitstop cafe with the bsc peeps. double scoop of oh so sinful icecream, seaweed chicken and chicken nibblets coupled with the delish reception i had at the company event an hour ago (mashed potatoes, wantons, chocolate cake and the like), needless to say, i felt very very very bloated and sinful.

in a bid to feel better, i had an imprompto date to go swimming with my exercise bsc kaki.

nadnut doesnt swim well. she floats. i can’t swim a lap without stopping midway to catch my breath. but i decided to swim anyway. afterall isnt swimming a fullbody exercise?

reminder to self: bikinis are for tanning purposes only.

gosh, while attempting to swim a lap, i felt my bikini bottom loosening… horror of all horror! it felt like it was falling off! i dog crawled and managed to salvage my modesty. gosh. thank god my swimming kaki was somewhere far far away. and there wasn’t so much people around me.

2nd reminder to self: if i want to attempt to swim again, as in really swim, please remember to buy a proper swimsuit or tankini with shorts. no more heart attacks. we do not want to traumatise those pimply kids in pajamas.

paranoid me decided to tie triple knots and check my bikini and bottom in every 5 strokes. soooo paiseh! after many interruptions and stopping halfway thru laps, i managed to swim 10 laps. yes. i know, i suck. -_-”

and yet, not even a single tan! i swam at noontime! argh. i’m still white! not even a hint of some rosyness. grrr.

3rd reminder to self: don’t be so keh kiang to force yourself to swim 10 laps when you havent swam properly for ages (to be exact, never swam properly at all. i only float usually.)
even though i swam on sat, i still get body aches today. yes i know. weak.

dumb dumb dumb. i think i rather stick to erm… jogging can’t jog for nuts.. blading not counted coz i blade once in a blue moonshopping that’s not exercising! perhaps exercising for the wallet.. walking. yes, im doomed with the curse of 7 years of bad fat luck.

final reminder to self: don’t stuff yourself silly and try to make up for it by attempting to exercise.

doh. there is no hope. i hope tiger likes fat girls. *gorges on the last packet of aussie chips: hello calories!*

3 thoughts on “reminder to self: bikinis are for tanning purposes only.”

  1. hahaa, lucky you did not attempt a dive! anyway New Zealand Premium icecream at Pitstop Cafe is low fat and the calories is easily negated by climbing up and down the flight of stairs at Pitstop Cafe 😛


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