u do know that the previous post was a laugh right?

lol. but i’m still in love with michael buble’s voice and songs.

not a crush. LOL.


now now… a subject where the guys can ignore this post and where the girls will either nod in agreement or whack me..

have any of u guys gained weight?

tmd. i gained 3kg (and counting) ever since i started work at emco.

the pounds are seriously pilling on me. or i’m pilling on the pounds to be exact.

fat = happy?

grrrrr. a typical diet at emco..

breakfast= beehoon + soyabean/red bull
lunch= mixed rice + soyabean/lychee/fruit juice
dinner= something high carbo + high calorie food
snacks= chocs/tidbits


i realised i lose weight when im unemployed.

a typical diet as a bummer executive

breakfast= still zzzzing in bed
lunch= if im outside, will grab lunch. if im home, ill be lazy to cook. perhaps a slice of cheese?
dinner= home cooked meal?

i practically have a meal a day only! tmd.

perhaps being unemployed will much more healthier for me. i’ll even go jogging when i’m unemployed. at a rate of 4 times a week.

but its unhealthy for my wallet.

i have gained lotsa weight eversince i graduated. grrr.


can only attract fat men like that. grrr.

looks like its just the two of us. *pats tummy*

its time for some serious work. i have elected billy goat (otherwise known as mr kenny chan) to be my fitness instructor (on weekends only).

no more supper.

come people! who wants to go jogging/swimming/canoeing/cycling/blading?


its getting harder to lift my butt up from the computer chair!

russell peters: your mama so fat that when she jump for joy, she got stucked!


on a sidenote, i was chatting with a certain friend. i had remarks that the stories i write were a tad morbid and dark.

i wonder, when im happier, would i be able to write such stories again?

perhaps then, ill write happy stories. or i wont be able to imagine such tales of death/tragedy/sorrow.


i wonder.

the said person suggested that i write a (huge ass) story with all short stories combined.

24 stories into one (a huge ass story).

hmmmm. a huge tale of dark stories? of death/sorrow/cheating partners/accidents/blood and gore?

maybe i should. heh.

but there seems to be no time.

perhaps its time to clear leave and start exercising and writing. LOL!

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  1. hahahaha…lotsa guys like fleshy gals, dearie. just that the streets have less and less, so hor, they settle for less, hehehehe….

    but really lah, u are not lah! geez! 🙂


  2. ah 9>>> nothing wrong. but i want to have more choices!!! waahahahaa

    akk>>> hahahaa. the both of us disagrees with you…

    sassyjan>>> but u swim so fast. u swimmer leh. if i can swim 2 laps, its a miracle! heh


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