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nadnut goes to PSB!


I have been going to PSB Academy recently for classes! Have you guys heard of PSB Academy before?

If you haven’t, shame on you! PSB Academy is one of the largest independent education and training institutions in Singapore. PSB Academy offers diplomas and degrees from prestigious universities from the US, UK and Australia. They have over 300 lecturers and associates! Each year, they have about an average of 50,000 students!

For the advertorials that I’ll be writing for PSB Academy, I’ll be focusing on the degrees offered by University of Western Australia which is one of the most prestigious universities in Australia! UWA is in the Group of Eight!

For each advertorial I write for PSB Academy, I’ll focus on a specific discipline! And for this advertorial, it’ll be about Psychology! PSB offers 3 different psychology courses from UWA. They are: Bachelor of Science (Psychology), Bachelor of Science (Psychology and Human Performance) and Graduate Diploma in Psychology.

I always had a keen interest in Psychology as I feel really intrigued by the way we behave and I had the opportunity to sit in a Psych class!

But first, some pictures of PSB!

I headed off to Psych class with Jayden!

Psych class with Dr Honey Ng. She’s such a sweetheart! The class size was small and cosy. I feel that it’s a very good class size. Students were comfortable with Dr Honey Ng to ask questions and all! I didn’t feel overloaded with information and I think it’s really interesting!

Am now feeling so tempted to sign up for a Psych Degree! (But then I’m not done paying off my current study loan. :/)

Are you wondering why Jayden and I are wearing labcoats?

That’s because we did this mockumentary!

Youtube link:

We had lots of great fun filming on campus!

If you’re interested in checking out PSB Academy and it’s courses, do head down for a preview session! The next one is on 17th March! Details here!

You might find Jayden and myself on campus! We’ll be hanging around PSB Academy for the next few months! 😉 For more details on PSB Academy, check out!

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