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aside from the unhappy incident yesterday, it was actually a pleasant saturday.

went for salsa again. completed my beginner module 😀

will be going for intermediate next week. i need to polish up on my shines and turns. argh. gets dizzy after all the turns and double turns. argh.

note to self: need more heels. salsa is wearing out my heels.

anyway, i have a social night next sat, and the theme is Old New York Style. Put on your hats, suits, feather boas and anything associated with New York in the 1930s and 1940s!

so… anybody have any suggestions to what to wear?

anyway tried a top at topshop. design very auntie-ish but de back power. lol.

after tat, met up with shen. we had a nice lunch cum dinner, linner? dunch? at billy bombers. had steak (yes again). yes. i have a cow fetish. and also a fetish for the uniformed one. sue me.

speaking of steak. dont you find that there are not many places that serve good steak. like when you request for medium rare, it comes out medium well or totally rare-bloody. argh.

any recommendations for steak places?

we then watched batman begins. yes finally. like everyone at my office has watched. BLEAH. got free tix never give me! sobz.

good show. and batman’s jaw is so sexy!

why do we fall? so that we can learn to pick ourselves up.

after tat… well. me and shen were naughty.

well. not in THAT way.

there was another crowd going into the next cinema so i asked shen if he wanted to sneak in.

we did and sat ourselves in the front row not knowing what show it was.


it was star wars.


anyway, shen was happy though he watched it countless of times *shakes head*

so i tried watching it. and ended up yawning every 10 minutes. even the tot of it now makes me yawn.

yes. i hated starwars since young.

and i stil do.

the only part i was amused was cute lil master yoda. awwww.

2 movies for the price of one!

anyway, heard from michelle that hard rock cafe is going at 1-for-1 next friday. anybody wanna come with me to slaughter more cows?

pics of the day. with a lousy camera fone.

ariel and me

de top

criminals 622131 and 74423262.

me. yes. bitchy versus well. innocent. 😀

shen and his lightsabre!

wat to wear? new york? suggestions please!!!!

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