i’ve been enjoying myself too much these days..

crawling home in the wee hours in the morning. drinking lotsa booze and spending lotsa dough.

tsk tsk.

i’ve been a bad bad girl. time to curb all the spending soon.

yesterday was hilarious. why? coz i got high and when i get high, everything is hilarious.

met up with some bloggers (9, makan guru, umb, duckhawk, sandralicious, ruok, juzbren, curiousgeorge, onelittletwit, mandrake and a few whose nicks i forgot. my apologies!)

at first was quite apprehensive as it was my first bloggers meetup, not counting yesterday’s bump with umb (its nadnut not nadut!) so dragged my ob sabah gang and melvin and sel along. and met jireh the bdae boy there.

big mistake.

i think i neglected a few peeps. argh. paiseh. sorry sorry!

it was nice meeting up with the barflies, and interesting.. things that happened:-

– bought mr jireh lee 2 flaming lambourginis (typo?) and watching him get high.
– mr lee was on stage and happily pointed out to everyone tat i was the ex. *faints*
– mr lee nearly lay on someone’s breast. *cough*
– mr lee dancing some weird dance on stage
– mr lee octopused me and spilt icewater on me. *glares*
– mr lee concussed
– makanguru and duckhawk being ever so thoughtful by always checking on us if we had enough drinks
– ruok’s cute para para lookalike moves to american pie
– juzbren who was so chatty! in a good way. interesting person
– 9 just looks sooooooo cute! like a samurai teddy!
unXpected rocks! shirlyn’s voice is great!
– hoegarden looks like piss
– me getting high
– juzbren calling me a whore when i was high resulting in him getting slaps from me. (not that painful but overall painful. haha. oops. i meant.. sorry!)
– onelittletwit was holding a national day flag
– i though i saw ting
– the vodka redbull is better than their lychee martinis at wala wala
– the flaming lambourgini doesnt seem to be on flame (much)
– sandra came really late
– jireh DID NOT touch anyone’s boobs
– talk cock chit chat and crawled home at 4ish

hahaa. tats abt it?

some pics. didnt take much and lazy to add all those cutesy stamps and such..

jireh lee drunk. payback time.

sel, melvin and me! the poor jalapenos..

duckhawk and me. anonymous la. so have to cover up his face. but his so cute! lol

unXpected, ob sabah and some bloggers.
thats it. now i gotta tabulate surveys. argh. save me!

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