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Lookbook: nadnut is SMITTEN!

As you guys know, i have the Outfit of the Day entries… Decided to introduce Lookbook entries where i feature pictures of a specific brand…

In this case, i will like to introduce Smitten by Jipaban!

Really comfy clothes, a great variety for all occasions! Here are some of my Smitten outfits!

I adore the Lita Cut Out Frock in this lovely coral shade. Extremely flattering! Gives me a deceptively slim waist 😡

Ching chong boy calls this the peekaboo dress.

This simple dress is suitable for Singapore’s crazy weather. Extremely airy and comfy!


Paired the bunny tank with the floral white shorts! Never thought i could fit into a size S again! :p


I tucked in the floral tank into my high waist shorts here. You could wear it as a dress but it’s too short for my liking.


I paired my chiffon victorian tunic top with jeggings here during my trip to Genting with LadyIronChef and other Nuffnang bloggers.

I will be posting more Lookbook entries soon! Keep a lookout for them! In the meantime, go get Smitten! 😉

2 thoughts on “Lookbook: nadnut is SMITTEN!”

  1. hey nadia, you look so slim now! congrats on attaining your weight loss goal! just curious, what’s your bmi now?


    nadnut Reply:

    I’m far from being slim! Still quite fat and super flabby! My bmi currently is 21.62!


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