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10 Reasons Why I Love Club Med Phuket

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I can’t get enough of Club Med. 4 years ago, I surprised Skai with a vacation to Club Med Bintan. It was such an extraordinary time that we couldn’t stop raving about it to friends and family.

This time, with the huge Club Med Phuket promo, Skai and I booked a trip to Phuket! Every year, we visit Phuket without fail. That’s something magical about Phuket for us. We love the people, the beach, the laidback lifestyle and the food.

Needless to say, this Club Med experience wowed us too thus for today’s Thursday’s Travels post, I decided to pen down 10 reasons why I love Club Med!

1. Free flow of alcohol

club med phuket nadnut

There is a beauty in guzzling free drinks. It felt almost sinful enjoying beers over wine over to cocktails for every meal. The alcoholic hubby was grinning ear to ear the entire trip.

And I know it wasn’t my lovely presence that made him so happy. It was the nonstop free flow of alcohol. The feeling of never ever having to pay for an overpriced cocktail during our trip was so good.

This is one of the reasons why I’ve been trying to get my girlfriends to go Club Med with me. It’ll be PARTY TIME ALL DAY!

2. The rooms are extraordinary.






We were blessed to have been upgraded to a suite which was at least twice the amount of the the initial room that we booked! SWEET DEAL! Not only did the suite with an epic bathtub, it also came with two sinks, two washrooms and complimentary snacks and drinks replenished daily!

3. The view is breathtaking.





The beach is a short walk away from our resort and the view is just amazing. We caught sunsets almost everyday there.

4. The trapeze school.





I am a huge fan of the trapeze school. It was a great time for me to face my fears (for some reason, I was terrified to jump despite trying the trapeze school 4 years ago in Club Med Bintan).

I learnt that despite failing many times, I didn’t give up. I forced myself to try it over and over again until even the other guests and instructors cheered for me when I succeeded.

I learnt to push through the pain despite the many blisters on my hands.

5. Fine dining in shorts.





It was awesome having to enjoy fine dining without having to dress the part. Club Med is so casual that you can wear pretty much as comfy and casual as you want!

6. Facilities and activities





There’s a whole bunch of facilities and activities that you can make use of. E.g. the gym, tennis courts, basketball courts etc.

Club Med, as a family oriented venue also organises lots of activities for both adults and kids! There are parties and activities specifically for the kids!

They also offer dining areas and pools specifically for adults only for those who would like to enjoy some alone time from the noisy kiddos.

7. Beautiful and fun entertainment






One of the nights that we were in Club Med Phuket, they had an outdoor dinner special where GMs (that’s how they referred to us guests) dine under the stars and enjoyed lovely entertainment that was planned for us!

We ate outside, made friends with other GMs as we had to share tables and enjoyed the lovely entertainment planned for us. That day, they had a lovely circus act and fireworks to end such a splendid evening.

The following evenings, they had from retro parties to dance parties to even a gambling night! It was really packed with all sorts of entertainment that you really need not venture out of your resort at all!

8. Lessons available for free






There were lots of lessons that you can enjoy for free for example golf, archery and even yoga! I was a bit sad to find out that the month after we were there was this huge “Body & Soul” event that focuses on health and wellness. Some of the activities available were yoga, thai boxing, taichi and even chi kung!

I thought it was pretty cool as there were 4 colours in 4 days where each colour represented a theme e.g. Yellow = rejuvenation, Red = energy, Green = Balance in daily lifestyle and Purple = Revitalises and uplifts beauty of the natural surroundings.

Each colour would have a fitness workout and also healthy eating with colour based food choices!

9. World class food










Club Med also offers International buffet meals. There are cuisines suitable for everyone! I’ve seen from Indian, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Western, Vegetarian and many other cuisines available!

Super love the food! It can get a bit indulgent so remember to burn it off with other exercises!

10. Friendly GOs




The GOs are so friendly! They make sure that everyone is never feeling lonely or bored. Can always have a great time chatting with them! In fact, they make me feel like signing up as a GO!

I really do think that Club Med is suitable for everyone! From friends to family to a young couple with kids!

Club Med is actually offering a special Summer Holidays Special promotions for both adults and children! I noticed that prices start as low as $690 at selected resorts. They are also offering a “Kids Stay Free” promotion till 30th June 2015.

For more information, do check out www.clubmed.com.sg. I hope to be back soon again!!!

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