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Sick and tired

So sorry for the lack of updates. I haven’t been in the best of health recently. I fell really sick recently.

At first it started as a cold and cough. I was having a horrible cold and coughing badly. Work was shitty busy that week thus I neglected going to the doctors.

The week after, the Vesak day week itself, I suddenly came down with a horrid case of hives on Tuesday 26th May. I had red bumps on my face. Saw the doctor and she said it could be an allergy. All I had to do is take the meds, apply the cream and try to monitor to find out what was I allergic to.

The hives soon spread from the face to my arms, then my chest, my back. Took the meds and went back to work the day after, Wednesday 27th May.

On Thursday night, I came down with a fever. Went to work on Friday, fever went up and down. By Friday night, I was feeling like shit.

I remember going to a blogger event with the BFF and I was feeling soooo bad! Went back, took meds and slept.

Went to visit the doc on Saturday afternoon. My fever was still ongoing. I remembered he told me that if my fever do not break on Monday (Vesak day itself), I had to go to A&E and get a blood test done.

Saturday and Sunday was shit. I was literally unconscious most of the time. I didn’t have ANY appetite and only took a tiny bit of porridge just because i needed to have food in my tummy before being able to take my antibiotics.

Thankfully by Sunday night, after 4 long days of having a fever, it finally broke. I had some weird bumps after that but it has thankfully subsided by now.

Reason why I’m blogging about this? I wanted to record this down and also to find out if anyone else faced such a condition.

I was almost sure that it was dengue or a viral fever at first.

Till today, my appetite has yet to return and I lost 2kg from the 2-3 weeks where I was sick. Has anyone faced a similar illness recently too?

Feels scary as it could happen anytime since I have yet to pinpoint what I’m allergic to. 🙁

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