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This is a Thursday's Travels - Anything about previous, current and future (upcoming) travel exploits entry under my Singapore Travel Blog themed blog posts! For more info about the themed blog posts, do read the entry here.

I can't get enough of Club Med. 4 years ago, I surprised Skai with a vacation to Club Med Bintan. It was such an extraordinary time that we couldn't stop raving about it to friends and family.

This time, with the huge Club Med Phuket promo, Skai and I booked a trip to Phuket! Every year, we visit Phuket without fail. That's something magical about Phuket for us. We love the people, the beach, the laidback lifestyle and the food.

Needless to say, this Club Med experience wowed us too thus for today's Thursday's Travels post, I decided to pen down 10 reasons why I love Club Med!

1. Free flow of alcohol

club med phuket nadnut

There is a beauty in guzzling free drinks. It felt almost sinful enjoying beers over wine over to cocktails for every meal. The alcoholic hubby was grinning ear to ear the entire trip.

And I know it wasn't my lovely presence that made him so happy. It was the nonstop free flow of alcohol. The feeling of never ever having to pay for an overpriced cocktail during our trip was so good.

This is one of the reasons why I've been trying to get my girlfriends to go Club Med with me. It'll be PARTY TIME ALL DAY!

2. The rooms are extraordinary.



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