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Yi by Jereme Leung, gorgeous chinese restaurant in Raffles Hotel

For my Mystery Makan, I chose Yi by Jereme Leung. I’ve seen these gorgeous restaurant constantly featured by many of my friends and I knew that this was a place I die die wanted to bring my best gal friends.

For long time blog readers (if you are still reading this dusty old blog that is), you would probably remember about the Mystery Makan series I used to blog about.

Back in 2010, I started this #mysterymakan tradition with JacelynEsther and Fidelis. Each of us would take turns planning makan outings and would only reveal the address on the day itself with no other details. With the Mystery Makan tradition, we visited new places and tried new food! It’s really fun and we all look forward to our Mystery Makan sessions.

Just a recap of all of the “Mystery Makan episodes” I blogged back then in this Singapore Lifestyle Blog.

Other Mystery Makan sessions previously:

I didn’t know back then but now I realised all the places I chose were “Instagrammable”. Haha!

Yi is conveniently located at Raffles Hotel which also houses many interesting and popular cafes and restaurants. I would highly recommend making a reservation prior to going down as Yi is very popular and with the current social distancing measures, there are lesser tables available.

Previously when we visited Yi, the set lunch (at $88/pax) was still available but currently when I searched for it, I couldn’t find it. In any case, here’s what we had.

Definitely would recommend Yi for gatherings and business lunches. Lovely place to visit! Plus it’s amazing for the gram!

Yi by Jereme Leung
328 North Bridge Road, Raffles Arcade

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