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Mom Guilt.

It creeps in when you least expect it. In the middle of the night, looking at your sleeping kids’ faces.

You’ll think back of the times when you were busily crunching numbers or replying emails on your laptop when your son asked if you could play with him.

To the times where you try your very best to maintain silence at home while you attend a client conference call when your daughter just wanted to talk to you.

From the many times you spend staring at your phone or computer when you could be staring at your kids.

It creeped in when your son pretended to “go to work”. He picked up his sketch pad and said “this is my computer. Don’t talk to me, I have a meeting.”

To the times where he holds your hand and asks “Can you pick me up a bit earlier today? Can end work earlier?”

And then you wonder. Is it worth it? Is it worth pushing them away, for work?

Work life balance. Is there such a thing? Has it ever existed in the first place?

I read this quote online. You can’t win at work if you are losing at home.

I think, it’s time to win at home instead.

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