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36 to 37

How the heck has time passed by so fast? I don’t feel old on my own but when I look at my kids growing up, it’s so scaryyyyy!

As per our yearly tradition, it’s time to summarise my life in a post! How has turning 37 changed for me?

Work: From doing sales and digital marketing for a boutique agency, I made a speedy escape to the world of e-commerce in April just when Covid hit us badly. Honestly, I wanted to try something different and with Covid, I knew that my previous job in Sales would be badly affected. In the end, it was a right move as the company basically closed shop late last year.

Family: Aside for the stroke, Mum injured her leg. Aside for that, her previous employer did not renew her contract. 🙁

Love: I am blessed to have the two cheekiest kids in the world! We will be celebrating Aidan’s 5th birthday and Davina’s 3rd birthday soon! Just have to say, solo parenting most of the time, sucks.

Health: I gained SO MUCH weight since the circuit breaker! Mainly cos I started eating carbs again. SOBS. Need to find more time to myself, feeling a bit jaded recently.

Friends: No change here. Kept those who matter close and distanced myself from those who I felt were toxic.

Blogging: Haven’t been blogging much oops. But I still enjoy hustling on social media!

Thanks to everyone and anyone who has wished me a very happy birthday. As mentioned every year: birthdays just symbolises another year closer to the grave (to me). So love like you have never loved before, eat like you have never eaten before, live life like every day is your last.

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