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Social Place – An Instagrammable Restaurant in Orchard

For long time blog readers (if you are still reading this dusty old blog that is), you would probably remember about the Mystery Makan series I used to blog about.

Back in 2010, I started this #mysterymakan tradition with JacelynEsther and Fidelis. Each of us would take turns planning makan outings and would only reveal the address on the day itself with no other details. With the Mystery Makan tradition, we visited new places and tried new food! It’s really fun and we all look forward to our Mystery Makan sessions.

Just a recap of all of the “Mystery Makan episodes” I blogged back then in this Singapore Lifestyle Blog.

Other Mystery Makan sessions previously:

I didn’t know back then but now I realised all the places I chose were “Instagrammable”. Haha!

We decided to launch a “second season” of Mystery Makan after a 5 year hiatus! And this time, Esther begin the first episode.

It was quite tragic cos immediately after our first Mystery Makan this year, the circuit breaker happened HAHA so we were all confined after that. Maybe season 2 might die off after a few episodes 😡

Esther brought us to Forum The Shopping Mall which if you didn’t know is this mall located at almost the outskirt of Orchard Road. It’s a long walk from the MRT station so please drive if you are wearing heels.

When we reached there, we thought that the Mystery Makan was at Brown Butter which is an extremely instagrammable place however it wasn’t! But more of Brown Butter in the next blog entry..

Dressed in Jumpeatcry, Melissa Shoes and carrying Stars Luxy bag!

Like what Jace said in her blog entry, the place reminded us of those tea houses. You know like those Hong Kong cafes?

I absolutely adore the place because there’s mahjong tiles on the walls! What a cute decor!

The place felt very retro with very loud prints from the floor tiles to the walls. The place was bustling with action and it can get a bit rowdy. Best place to go with noisy girlfriends like ours. 😉

Esther (theiceangel) and Fidel (theluckiestchick)
Jacelyn (daintyflair) and me lah!

I leaned back and let the girls do the ordering.

Crispy Charcoal Tofu ($9.80)
Eggs (Ain’t) That Simple ($22.80)
Truffle Shiitake Buns ($6.80)
Sweet and Sour Pork on Ice ($24.80)
Prawn Toasts ($12.80)
Mahjong Jelly
Small Pig Pudding

To be very very very frank, there were some misses. The toasts were a bit soggy and some dishes could be warmer. But overall, I would still applaud them for the uniqueness of the dishes (to me, it’s unique la!) and the beautiful presentation.

Lower your expectations but still come here. Maybe the crowd was too cray cray which was why perhaps some of the food were a slight miss.

I’ll still give props to their excellent service, great presentation, sheer variety and Instagrammable area la. Give chance a bit. Support F&B!

Thanks Esther for bringing us here for Mystery Makan! Will blog about the next place soon! Check out Jacelyn’s blog post here!

Social Place Singapore 
583 Orchard Road, Forum the Shopping Mall #01-22
(65) 8870 2288

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