WOW! I’m on Nuffnang’s “selected bloggers” list!

I didn’t realised that i was on Nuffnang‘s “selected bloggers” till someone told me about it.

Where is it?

At the main page, click “our bloggers” which is located in the middle.

I’m number 3! Right after Dawn Yang and Xiaxue! Woot!

A closer look! But … it’s nadnut not Nadnut! lol.

NICE! Thanks Nuffnang! 🙂 (but hor, this selected blogger haven’t had ads in ages. *sobs*)


  1. wah… congratulation nadnut.. hehe.. Don’t worry.. I believe nuffnang will give you ads… soon…

    Nice blog you’ve here..
    I am curryegg from MAlaysia… ^^


  2. Congratulation to become 3rd in the selected bloggers…. I have been dreaming for it ages ago… but i noe it is impossible for me as i dun really can write in good methods… LOlz… anyway, i’m sure nuffnang will assign u some great ads to ur site…. Dun worry!!! Keep on……


  3. shukuen7788 >> the reason is because nadnut is in the Singapore list..where as the 1 you always see is in the Malaysia list..

    Congrats by the way..I’m in Malaysia’s list too 😀