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Part Three of “How he had proposed…”

You’ve seen part one and part two.

Here’s the video!

BFF had kindly added subtitles. Thanks dear!

Extremely surprised. Really didn’t expect this at all. Thanks everyone for coordinating and surprising me. 🙂

For those who are still wondering what happened was that the (then) boyfriend had planned with the girls to surprise me. He chose the restaurant (which I had complained that it was expensive in a BBM to him earlier. Oops) and they had plans to distract me while he would serenade me with “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. Well, only the part on “Don’t say no..” LOL

I never thought he would do something like this nor never expected that he would propose. Well, not so soon.

We talked casually about the future and I thought we would only get engaged like 2 years later? Never expected it to be soon. And while some friends did ask me if I did think if it was the right choice, yes it was. I knew he was the guy I would want to spend the rest of my life with. When you’ve met the right one, you’ll finally understand why it never did work out with anyone else…

The wedding won’t happen so soon. In fact, I’m feeling stressed just thinking about it. Something may happen in 2014 or 2015 but nothing’s concrete at this moment.

Am gonna take my time planning etc, no wanna be a bridezilla!

Thanks folks for all of the well wishes!

11 thoughts on “Part Three of “How he had proposed…””

  1. Its one thing to propose in public, but its quite another for it to be posted online. So kudos to your guy, Nadnut, for having twice the courage required:) May the two of you be happy always:D


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