the irony…

i confuse myself sometimes.

i can write/read sick/morbid stories but yet i cant watch scary/gory shows. yesterday i was trying out this ‘game’ at midnight and i got so creeped out that i had to get mr kenny chan to talk to me the whole time. i was practically jumping out of my seat the whole time. (despite me muting the sounds).

i cant stand ghost shows. shem/kenny can attest to that. yet i read gory morbid books. i guess i can read and imagine but i cant see it. cant visualise. ironic aint it?

i am so fierce to my friends sometimes. i would abuse hit them sometimes but yet when strangers/animals come near me. ill freeze up. like the monkeys @ phuket, stray dogs and ugly men. (refer to previous post)

tmd. im such a scaredy cat sometimes. bleah.

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