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Another Slingers Game!

Yes i know, I’ve been a very very bad girl. Super delayed post! (and i have like lots of belated posts like nye and xmas! yikes!)

Since yours truly is currently drowsy, (the medication is super strong man! i’ve been snoozing the whole of today!), here’s a quick photo entry! most of the photos courtesy of Jayden and his spanking new toy! I want one too! More pics in Jayden’s entry!

Yours truly @ the basketball court.

Guess who did i meet?

I haven’t seen this sweetie in ages!!!!

The last time i met her was in 2004? OMG, i looked so… -___-”

I managed to get Jayden to join us for a game!

The three of us!

The one thing I love most about going to the Slingers game is the….


Looks like she’s a fan of the food too!

So are they!

I managed to take pictures with my 3 favourite players!

Grizzard! Yes, yours truly is vertically challenged. LOL.

Michael Wong!

My fave Mcdonalds! Eye candy!

Group pic! Fabian, McYummy, Jayden and me!

The scary Mascot and me. He looks like he has dreadlocks! LOL!

Look who’s on the cover of LEET!

Corde sweetie! I have known this babe since she was 14? Gosh, she looked so different last time! Now she’s such a babe!

Here’s a silly video i took of Jayden taking of me! (Do you understand what i’ve just said?)

And here’s 2 silly camwhoring pics of me of the previous game. I totally forgot to take pics of the game (and today’s game too!). Oops.

Meh. It was a good game. FINALLY they managed to win a game. 😛

Outfit of the day! It has been a long time since I’ve worn sports shoes.

Time to start exercising! (Check out the tummy. -_-) I’ve been considering taking up a gym membership or a yoga membership. Hmmm. Which would be better? It’s time to start blading too!Plus today’s game! I arrived super late! Oops. Thank god, Jean and Alice saved me some food. 😉

Do check out Jean’s entry. She has all the great pics! *hatches evil plans to steal her camera*

I can’t wait for the next game!

I’m feeling much better now. Thanks all! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Another Slingers Game!”

  1. Awwww. 🙂

    HEHE. Thanks babe. #$%^. YAh. 14. That’s scary. =X

    OH OH OH! Slingers. OOOH. And yah. Yoga. WAHAHAHAHA. You can stretch better! EH. If wanna join we join together k? 🙂 HAHAHA.


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