Would Your Rather? – Pay vs Happiness

This week’s Would You Rather? is suggested by my lovely classmate Angeline!

This week we’ll be discussing the importance of money and happiness.

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Would You Rather?…

1) Be working in a high paying job but you’ll be working horrible hours, faced with bitchy and demanding clients and you’ll be extremely stressed?

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2) A below average paying job but you’ll be able to knock off on time and you’re not stressed at all and you actually will have a social life?

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9 thoughts on “Would Your Rather? – Pay vs Happiness”

  1. i choose 1 for the money

    because my previous job’s pay was lousier than 2’s but work place was like 1.

    as long as i’m paid well, i dun complain much


  2. personal experience taught me that to spend a decent part of your life working hard to accumulate the money just so you can pursue what you love in the future.

    Just because without adequate wealth, it is much harder to be happy.


  3. Happiness! That’s wat i did LOL*

    Choose to quit cos the nature of my industry sux & worst is the pay not gd as well! LOl*

    Nice post by the way *wink*


  4. Hiroshima> Heh. I knew you’ll chose happiness. 😉

    Natsu: I saw! Thanks for participating babe!

    Mooiness: I agree! Personally it depends on what stage of my life… I chose #1 when I was younger and just starting work…

    starmist: heh. so… your current job is #1 or #2?

    Colin: LOL. After “slacking”, you’ll chong for a while yeah?

    Evie: I agree. I would go for #1 if I was single but if I have settled down and have kids, I’ll go for #2. Sounds like a plan eh? Piah when I’m young and get a laid back job when I’m older and spend time with the kids.

    Ginl: I think you deserve a break after suffering for so long!


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