Would You Rather? – Slow vs Fast

I bet some of you guys are thinking that this week’s WYR? is a dirty one.

Anyway, my question is regarding my latest obsession.

As all of you guys know, there are such things like slimming centres, appetite suppression pills and the like, basically I’ll call them shortcuts.

Assuming, you’ll like to lose some weight, Would You Rather?

1) Take it slow and steady and exercise


2) Opt for faster results. Slimming centres, appetite suppression pills, liposuction and the like?

Choose one and explain why!

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5 thoughts on “Would You Rather? – Slow vs Fast”

  1. Marc: There are risks involved, who knows your instant approach may mean instant death?

    Anyway, noticed that you added your links into the autolink box, that’s only for those who shared WYR, somewhat of a meme thus I’ve deleted your links.


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