Would You Rather? – Horse or a Dead Body?

This week’s “Would You Rather” question was actually posed to Brian aka Harmless Bananas last week!

It’s definitely RA. So…. little kids and all, do not continue reading this post.

For the rest of you legal peeps, click the MORE button now.

This week’s question is of a sexual nature.

You have NO choice but to answer it.

At a risk of sounding very pornish, here’s a little scenario. Imagine there were a bunch of perverse robbers who robbed you one day. They decided to have a little bit of fun torturing you before they leave.

They ask you to make a choice. You’ll get to live should you do it.

and believe me, you WANT to live.

So here’s the choice.

Would you rather….

1) Fuck a horse


2) Fuck a dead body?

Don’t bother looking around. There isn’t anyone to help you, the cops are unaware of what’s happening and nobody even noticed that you’ve been missing for a few hours.

You want to live. You have a whole life ahead of you.


Don’t worry, if you’re female, the horse and the dead body will be male and vice versa. And amazingly, the dead guy died with an erection. hurhurhur.

Now go comment!

Note to self: Googling for dead bodies was really a bad idea. Must get a better topic next week. I feel sick with vomit and dead body pics in my head now. Bah.

11 thoughts on “Would You Rather? – Horse or a Dead Body?”

  1. Since you didn’t specify the condition of the corpse I’m gonna assume that *she* is just cold and a bit blue. So yeah dead body for me.

    Because …

    Female horse could get angry and stomp me to death.


  2. LOL @ Sham’s comment! I think for men, they could choose horse easily! They can just use lubricant! 😛

    Women on the other hand… horse’s shlong is a bit toooo big!


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