pieces of a broken heart…

he watched her from afar.

she was doing some kind of puzzle. she seemed so tormented. he watched her try to fit the pieces together. somehow or rather it didnt fit.

he noticed the tube of superglue beside her. it was empty. and yet for some reason, the pieces did not stick together.

he watched her push the pieces together and sobbed her sorrows out. he wanted so much to move to her and comfort her yet he knew she wanted to be alone.

though they were all but strangers, he felt a strong connection to her. her heart-wrenching sobs tore at his heart. there were but, intimate strangers.

he watched her trying to put the broken pieces together. he wondered what was it, it looked so familiar and yet he could not put his finger to it.

when he realised.

she was trying to put the pieces of her broken heart together.

how do you mend a broken heart? how do you stop the rain from falling down? how do you stop the sun from shining? what makes the world go round?

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