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Highlights of the eventful trip.

This is the third time that I’ve joined Ching Chong Boy on his trips. The first was Kukup and the second was Melaka.

For this trip, instead of riding pillion, I sat in the car instead. Both ccb and I agreed that it’ll be a tiring trip and it would be best if I sat in the in the car.

After a few “incidents”, I was glad that I did.

Here are some pics!

My little biker boy.

Totally loving my Cotton On shades.

That’s his raincoat at the tummy area. He totally looks pregnant!

With Hui Lin at the JKR Bridge.

Guzzling strawberries at the Strawberry farm. Pardon the lack of makeup. It is afterall a roadtrip!

Ccb was a marker!

Group pic! (I’m not in the pic as I was taking the picture!)

27 bikes, 1 car and 34 people.

Can’t wait for the next one!

7 thoughts on “Highlights of the eventful trip.”

  1. Wah, this looks fun babe! And luckily you said that that was his raincoat on his tummy, hee!! 😀


    nadnut Reply:

    Hahhaa! Do you go for bike trips too babe?


  2. what a coincidence, i actually saw the grp pic on my friend’s FB page.. He went for the trip.. 🙂


    nadnut Reply:

    Hahaha. Who?!


    Jaschocolate Reply:

    Farish. One of the guys squatting in front. 🙂


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