Would You Rather? – Abort vs Adoption

For this week’s Would You Rather?, it is probably a topic discussed to death but I would like to get your opinions on this.

Assuming that you’re in a relationship and you (or your girlfriend) gets pregnant. Which of the two following options would you choose? (And no, a miscarriage, a shotgun wedding or actually keeping the child does not work in this case.)

Would You Rather?…

1) Abort the baby?


2) Raise the kid and give him/her up for adoption?

Be realistic, as in answers of what you’ll REALLY do and reasons why.

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  1. Adopt of course. I’m so glad to be born and I think the child deserves that too.

    Even if life is hard.

    Two of my friends are adopted and both of them are enjoying fabulous lives.


  2. i thought abt this a long time. but i’ve finally decided to go with this: give birth, n give it up for adoption…

    the reason why i considered the other choice is because i think it’s gonna be painful n difficult for me to give my own baby up for adoption… i don’t know how i will be able to do it… i would die of heartbreak probably… but as precious said.. everyone deserves a chance to be born.


  3. I would most definitely choose Option 2! =)

    Simply because in the first place, I’m responsible for bringing the baby into this world.
    Thus I don’t have the right to rid the baby of the opportunity to live.
    Moreover, since I have had the chance to give birth, while there are others who tries so hard yet can’t seem to conceive, I should give him/her up for adoption to these people.

    Also, I’ve heard that if you’ve gone through abortion before, there’s this possibility that you might never ever get pregnant again.
    And there’s the emotional baggage which you have to carry for the rest of your life; regret, etc.


  4. Precious, Daphne Maia and Nurul: Personally for me, if I was still studying, I might choose 1 but if I were older and all, I think I’ll just take some time away and just do 2.