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Would you like long hair and long lashes?

Wait no more! Extensions are here to save the day!

When I got an invite from Milly’s to try out her services, I was a little bit apprehensive. I asked her “What’s the catch?”. (So much for a first impression aye?)

She said “nothing!” She didn’t expect me to write about it or anything. (though it would be nice if I did, right Emily? *nudge nudge*)

So.. I’m kinda lost at which category this post should be. Should I term it as an advertorial or as a review? Hmmm. I’m not being paid to write this and I’m only writing this because I’m pleased with the services and to help with word of mouth. I’m lost! Ok, to be on the safe side, I’ll term it as an advertorial. 🙂


Emily (of Milly’s) invited me down to try out her services and I decided to go for lash extensions (my third time doing it) and hair extensions only because I liked her curly hair extensions!

The previous place where I did my hair extensions (pls see below) didn’t have nice curly hair extensions. The one they had looked like maggi mee and I didn’t want to look like a packet of noodles.

So I did straight hair extensions.

This time around I wanted curls! Pics at the end. Heh!

I’ll be lying if I said lash extensions were way better than false lashies. So here’s my honest take: to be honest, it might be easier to use false lashes. Glue, stick on and remove. Lash extensions last about a month give and take a week depending on how you take care of them and they do require some care. Obviously rubbing your eyes like mad and tugging those lashies ain’t a good idea.

But personally I’ll prefer lash extensions because of a very stupid reason. I do not know or have the skill to use false lashes. Jessica and Cordelia will attest to that. I’m HORRIBLE at putting on false lashes and most of the times they come off! I HATE THAT!

Remember my Stomp Starblog picture? I was wondering why they had used a side profile picture of me. I then found out when they had kindly sent me the pictures. ONE OF MY LASHES WAS STICKING OUT! Tmd. Damn ugly lah.

BRRRR. Damn paiseh lah! (Somemore this lashes was pasted on by someone else. Not me!) EH DON’T LAUGH AT MY UGLY LASHES. Grrr.

So to me personally, I find that lash extensions are easier to “upkeep” as compared to false lashies. I know I know, I no skill. Bah.

Anyway, divert a bit. Milly’s sells false lashes by the way.

The normal one pair per box kind. There’s some with some pretty gems on them too.

You can buy the “I very kiasu. I use lashes like water” box kind too.

The whole procedure takes about 45 mins. Just chit chat with the friendly and talkative Emily and you’ll be surprised that it’s over so soon!

These are the kind of lashes she uses for lash extensions. These are the short, normal ones.

And these are the long ones.

I requested for Barbie doll cum drama mama lashes that day for I had a few events to go too and perhaps a photoshoot soon!

Emily delicately putting the lashes on my lashes.

Doing some touch ups.

A view from the top.

The end product. No eyemakeup, no eyeliner, nothing!

Did I mentioned she used expensive eyemakeup remover to remove my eyemakeup? Clinique leh! Laoniang only the cheapo cheapo Loreal. :X

Comparing. Before and After. (Did you realise that I had my fringe trimmed?)

After….. curly wurly! (A lady said my eyes are mesmerizing! Woo hoo! Credits goes to the lash extensions. :P)

Here’s a pic of the lashes with eyemakeup. Eyeshadow, a little bit of eyeliner and no mascara whatsoever. Thick isn’t it?

If you’re not so keen on very thick lashes, don’t worry, Emily can do natural ones. Valerie did normal ones where she can go to work without being stared at! Heh. Truth to be told, mine are a little bit too thick for everyday use but I love it!

The lash extensions are priced at $68 but if you’re looking at long term, might as well get a package. Their package priced at $398 for 7 lash extensions works out to be $56.80 each. Savings of almost 10 buckaroos! Might as well share with your friends and get the package!

Now… to the hair extensions.

Emily has all kinds of extensions. From coloured to normal black or brown to big curls to small curls to straight extensions!

I’m seriously impressed by the different colours. I’m soooo going back to do highlights! I won’t need to bleach my hair and spoil my already dry hair. Bah.

There are 2 different kind of permanent hair extensions. 1 being the clip which is offered everywhere and the other is the weaving method.

I chose the clip method. I should be going back to try the weaving method the next time. What colour should I have my highlight extensions? Any suggestions?

The clip method. The hair extensions is clipped onto the real hair.

And here’s the end product….

Ta-dah! I now have very long curly hair! Nice? 😛

Front view. A pic of me and the fabulous HP TouchSmart. (More info in a later entry.) I’m so happy that they have my hair colour! Phew!

Which do you prefer on me? Straight hair or curls?

Emily sells nice accessories too. Unique and very bling bling. I like!

The clip on hair extensions costs $1 per strand whereas the weaving one costs $2 per strand. There’s another kind of extensions which were the temporary kind but I didn’t had much time to explore that one. I’ll leave that one for another entry yeah?

So if you’re interested, head down to Milly’s. Let her know that you read about this at and you’ll get a little discount. She’s offering $58 for lash extensions (for the whole month of July) for‘s readers and $5 off hair extensions (minimum of 100 strands.

Or you can print the e-coupon.

14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza
#02-83 Singapore 228213
Telephone: 6743 5657
Mobile: 8383 5395

23 thoughts on “Would you like long hair and long lashes?”

  1. i’ve been meaning to grow my hair out long (like cover boobs and if possible, ass. hoho) and have curls. extensions are, sadly, too pricey for me.



  2. Hey NN, I’m tempted to do lash extension as well!!! But I’m afraid I will look damn ugly without it and get addicted!


  3. clicktokill: u should get the temp ones, they’re a very good investment! can use them for years!

    fidel: thanks sweetie!

    valerie: LOL! i tot u just removed your extensions?

    nmh: thanks dear. i’ll try straight the next time around!

    Wendy: thanks! go for it!

    Hopper: great for different looks. 😉

    flora: okies! will do!

    KKNN: lol. i should be doing mine next week. wanna come along?

    Shelly: hahahhaa.

    michelle: I think i did about 200 strands!


  4. I never really understood why girls want long eyelashes so much. Even to a point where there is an artificial eyelash industry 😀 😀 😀 😀


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