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Spot Majolica Majorca at Watsons and get a free Majo Makeover!

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As you guys already know, Majolica Majorca is here in Singapore! Go check out the products at Watsons in Ngee Ann City!

I went down during their opening to check out the products and here are some pics!

Posing with the huge Lash Gorgeous Wing. I felt like kidnapping it home! 😛

I love the Skin Remaker foundation case, it’s so intricately beautiful!

Check out the collection! I’m already eying a few products!

Jerraine and I posing with the huge Lash Gorgeous Wing.

Guess what? The actual GRAND opening of NAC (Ngee Ann City) Watsons would be on 28th – 30th November. There will be new products launched – Lash Gorgeous Wing in Golden Brown and MajoLumina. These are limited edition items with limited quantities, available exclusively at Watsons NAC, so make sure you go down and grab your share!

Aside from that, there’s gonna be quite a number of activities going on, including Majo Makeovers plus free goodies available for all of you lovely readers on 29th and 30th November! All you have to do is to call 67398671 and make an appointment AND quote that you’re a reader of my blog.

There is a secret “password” and it’s FINITUS!

Finitus btw is one of the MJ icons and it means limited edition. It’s such an appropriate password isn’t it, especially for this collection which they’re launching! Do comment if you’ve booked any slots as I’ll be there on 29th and 30th! Hope to be able to meet up with you guys!

Alrighty, I’ll review the limited edition items in the next entry! Look out for it!

14 thoughts on “Spot Majolica Majorca at Watsons and get a free Majo Makeover!”

  1. I tried calling but no one pick up leh. >.< Anyway i don’t know how to say sia. :X “Hi i’m a reader of nadnut’s blog?” LOL.

    I might be dragging my friends along tomorrow. HOPE TO SEE YOU!

    Would you mind if i go up to you and take a picture with you? 😀


  2. FLO: There should be a voicemail? 🙁 I’ve feedbacked to MJ about this. Sorry!

    Jolene: LOL, yes you can say that! Of course, pics are ok! Were you there today?


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